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VOVVOVİP is a trading company within the scope of current Turkish legislation and is registered with Antalya VD. The registered office of the Company Antalya is Turkey.

VOVVOVİP operates under the name of "VOVVOVİ" owned by it.

Commercial purpose VOVVOVIP. and the trademark "VOVVOVİ" phone number is registered as +905321705500 and is available through the following website: VOVVOVİ with the e-mail address

Before requesting a service offered electronically on the website of, customers should make sure that they have read and understood the terms and conditions stated here, as these terms and conditions will govern subsequent contracts.

If you do not understand any of the terms of the contract, we strongly recommend that you contact Customer Service before proceeding with any contract.

All postal correspondence must be sent to our Customer Service department; however, we recommend using e-mail to contact us, as it is faster and more reliable than postal services.


1. The website and customer service helpdesk are currently available in English, Turkish, Russian and German.

2. Language Disclaimer - VOVVOVİP. attaches great importance to the quality of its websites and the translations of the Terms and Conditions. However, in case of any conflict, the Turkish version will prevail.


1. VOVVOVİP .com provides services as an agency for travel transfer agreement for individuals or groups through its websites.

2. The sole responsibility of VOVVOVIP is an agency for the interested parties.

3. After signing the contract with, the company will undertake the necessary formalities to make a contract for the transfer service. This contract will be deemed to have been confirmed when the service provider accepts the transfer request and notifies the customer of about this acceptance.

4. Your contract for services is between you and the supplier, not you. As a representative, we assume no responsibility for the provision of the service you have booked. We are responsible for providing information on the services available for reservation on our website; To provide the technology that enables you to request a service reservation by forwarding the details of the service reservation request you send to us through our website to your supplier.

5. VOVVOVİP .com cannot be held responsible for the events that may occur in the provision of the service, especially from illnesses, personal injuries or death, unless they are caused by negligence. Any accident, illness or death compensation resulting from the use of the transfer service must be directed directly to the provider of the service in question and will be subject to the law and the jurisdiction of the country in which the service is effectively provided.

6. The sole responsibility and liability of is an intermediary for each transfer supplier by providing an online reservation service to the supplier using the customer information entered on Hanatransfer's website. Some service providers may have their own additional contract terms. VOVVOVİP is not responsible for any damages that may occur as a result of incorrect processing of a customer's reservation details by the service provider.

7. VOVVOVİP is exempt from all liability in all cases where the customer makes a direct contract with the service provider.

Online Contract Procedure

1. VOVVOVİ offers a range of services accepted by suppliers.

2. The contract becomes legally binding only when receives confirmation from the supplier that the requested service is available and when the customer is notified of this by e-mail. If the service provider cannot provide the requested service, the customer will be informed and the full amount will be refunded with the method in which the payment was made.

3. The reservation coupon that must be presented to the service provider of VOVVOVIP will be presented to you by during e-mail approval. It should be printed out so that it is ready for inspection by the service provider when requested during the transfer. Customers are advised to print out all communications between the parties in addition to the transfer coupon and carry it with them.

4. Before submitting their requests to, website customers are strongly advised to read all terms and conditions of offers in detail and carefully check the details and confirmations of their reservations.

5. The responsibility for the provision of transfer services between the customer and the service provider is limited only to the two parties with whom the service has contracted. The WOVVOVIP obligations resulting from this contract will therefore be limited to those of a third party broker between the customer and the supplier. Any liability arising from the provision of the transfer service will be the responsibility of the service provider and insurance companies.

No Responsibility for Credit Card Transactions

VOVVOVİP, to ensure that all credit and debit card transactions are safen makes all reasonable efforts. HOWEVER, if unauthorized payments appear on your credit card or debit card statement for any card used on this website at any time during or after your reservation, if you perform your transaction or disclose your card information on this website, VOVVOVIP will not be liable or only subject to the legal rights you may have, in any way liable for any damage or loss you suffer resulting from or in any way connected with such use, operation or disclosure.

Cancellations - Changes

Any contract cancellation must be made in writing by fax or e-mail sent to VOVVOVIP's central reservation office. 100% of the money will be refunded more than 48 hours after the start of the first transfer service specified on the reservation voucher. 50% of the money will be refunded between 48-24 hours from the start of the first transfer service specified in the reservation voucher. No refunds will be made less than 24 hours after the date of the first transfer service specified on the booking voucher. If you need a cancellation note to claim against your tour operator, airline or travel insurance, please contact customer service by email.

Any changes must be submitted in writing by e-mail to before the date of travel. More than 24 hours from the start date of the first transfer service specified on the reservation receipt, changes are available without extra payment, additional payment is acceptable in less than 24 hours from the date of transfer, additional payment depends on the acceptable supplier and changes, the customer is responsible for any increase. service cost resulting from the requested change. All changes are subject to the availability and acceptance of the supplier.

Not taking responsibility, irresponsibility

1. Before making a reservation, you should make sure that you review the travel services provider's terms and conditions and that they are acceptable to you.

2. VOVVOVIP will not be liable for any mandatory suspension, loss, additional expense or any claim of accommodation or other travel services due to your illness, weather, strikes or any other reason. Unless otherwise agreed, all such losses, additional costs or claims will be covered by you.

Neither VOVVOVİ nor its managers, employees, affiliates or other representatives shall be liable for, but not limited to, any loss or damage arising from or in connection with your use of any information, products, services and / or materials provided through this website, Loss of data, profit or opportunity, loss of property or damage, or claims by third parties, or any indirect or consequential loss or damage, or any such loss or damage could reasonably be foreseen.

1. We assume no responsibility for any information regarding the service we transfer to you in good faith. The information about the services, mode of transportation, travel times, pick-up and drop-off times and distances are approximate and for guidance only and is not a commitment that will be provided as stated on our website.

2. Your supplier will make all reasonable efforts to arrive at the pickup point at the time indicated on your receipt, but this is not guaranteed. We assume no liability for any additional service for these delays or delays.

For private transportation services from the 3rd airport, the driver will wait a maximum of 60 minutes from the flight arrival time specified on your voucher. The waiting time of the driver from another pickup point will be limited to 15 minutes from the time specified on your voucher.

4. It is your responsibility to check the date, time and location on your voucher or email communication after us for pickup details of your transport service. You must ensure that the arrival time at the departure airport allows you to arrive at least 10 minutes before the check-in desk opens (closes) and under no circumstances at least two hours before the scheduled flight departure time.

5. Please note that most Vendors have third party accidents, police checkpoints, terrorism or vandalism, extreme weather or strikes on the transportation route.

6. Transport will be carried out between the starting and destination points specified on your receipt. It is your responsibility to provide a complete and accurate address with street name and number. In private transportation, the vehicle will take or will take you to the closest place to your accommodation, taking into account the physical characteristics of the vehicle and access to the contracted address. With shared shuttle services, you will be transferred to your accommodation or to the closest drop off point to your accommodation. With public transportation, at bus stops, at bus stopsalso etc. You will be dropped and collected.

I. The category of vehicle in which the transport service will be offered is not guaranteed and the Supplier has absolute discretion to replace the vehicle without any liability to you. Sometimes the vehicle may need to be changed if it means that the service can be provided in situations where it would not be possible otherwise.

1. Flight delays from the original scheduled flight time up to 3 hours are included. In case of flight delays exceeding 3 hours, you should contact VOVVOVIP .com to request the vehicle to be held. An additional fee is paid before shipping service. If you do not do this, the service will not be provided.

2. For private transfer, if you are not present at the delivery point within 15 minutes of the time specified on your voucher, the supplier will try to contact you on the mobile phone number you provided. If it is impossible to talk to you due to a lack or poor connection, if voicemail is on or the call is not answered, the service will not be provided and your supplier is not obliged to provide you with the service and no refund will be made.

All vehicles are insured in accordance with local laws.

Modification of these terms and conditions

VOVVOVİP reserves the right to change these terms and the content of this website for any reason and without prior notice and without any liability to you, any other user or any third party. This right will not affect the terms you accept when you make a legitimate reservation or purchase using this website. You should check these Terms every time you access the website to see if there are any changes.

You undertake to (VOVVOVİ that you will not use this website for any purpose that is illegal or prohibited by these Terms.

You confirm that you are of sufficient legal age to use this website and to establish binding legal obligations for any liability that you may incur as a result of the use of this website. You understand that you are financially responsible for all use of this website by you and those using your login information.